Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Encore - A Maristhill Rehabilitation Story

Maristhill loves its’ repeat customers, especially ones as vibrant as Catherine Walsh.

Catherine, who looks and acts much younger than her stated age, is on her second "go-round" at Maristhill.

Her first stay was in 2015 after a fall left her with a fractured Leg. She came to us directly from the hospital emergency room wearing an immobilizer and only able to bear minimal weight.

Our rehab department worked on her upper and lower body strength and she was able to go home safely in less than three weeks.

"I love the rehab department…," she said. "And the place is immaculate!"

After the success of her first stay, when she fell and needed rehab again Catherine was happy to return.

Her current stay is more complex, but she knows that our rehab department they will have her climbing the stairs in her beloved home as soon as possible.

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